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We are located in the middle of the Great St. Lawrence River on Kawehno:ke (formerly known as Cornwall Island) within the Kanien’kehá:ka territory of Akwesasne. Approximately three kilometers east of the Three Nations Corridor.

Point Engineering
891 Island Rd.
Akwesasne, ON K6H 5R7
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The Kanien’kehá:ka territory of Akwesasne (Land where the Partridge drums) straddles the mighty St. Lawrence River where it is joined by the Raquette, St. Regis and Grasse Rivers.

With a population of approximately 15,000 and a current land base just over 52 square miles, Akwesasne is a close-knit and dynamic community.

A wide range of talents arise from our diverse community members from fearless high-rise Iron workers, gifted traditional and contemporary artists and musicians, expert hunters and fisherman, as well as numerous and rapidly increasing number of academic graduates.